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lecture about Financial statement and human capital by King’s Business school

NGU School of Business and Finance was delighted to have Dr.Aditi Gupta, senior lecturer accounting from King’s Business School as part of “Business Management” module.
She shared insights about financial statements and human capital giving example on Mo Salah’s success.

A Lecture By the Executive Dean of King’s Business School

“The King’s Business Experience” was the topic of the lecture given to our students at the School of Business and Finance by Prof. Stephen Bach, Executive Dean of King’s Business School. This came as a part of the King’s Business School visit to NGU this week.

Nadine El-Nahhas | A Success Story from our school of dentistry

Nadine El Nahhas, our Fencing champion and Dentistry student has a remarkable story to tell.

“Who said that packed lunches and car naps are not a lifestyle? Well in my case, it is! From never-ending hours of training, to all the catching up with my studies, it definitely was a challenge trying to find that balance between my academic and athletic life. It keeps that adrenaline flow all the time! I guess we all know the stereotype of dentist students, where life is as all about academics, and only academics. However, here at NGU we always seek to break the norm. I will never find that level of support and motivation, to keep me going anywhere else.  Here at NGU, we do not graduate as dentists, but as full rounded humans, knowing how to get the best of it all”.

Nadine El Nahhas, Fencing champion: Third place nationwide in 2011, third place juniors World Cup in 2012, second place Arab championship in 2014 and second place nationwide in 2016-2017.

Engaging in “Fight the Fakes” with UCL

As a direct result of the unique connection between the school of pharmacy students at UCL and NGU, yesterday the School of Pharmacy at NGU held “Fight the Fakes” campaign on campus. The aim was to raise awareness against falsified medications that have little or no active ingredients. “Fight The Fakes” is a global cause initiated by UCL.

Visit By King’s Business School

As part of the academic collaboration with King’s College London, NGU School of Business and Finance is hosting this week a delegation from King’s Business School headed by Professor Stephen Bach; Executive Dean of King’s Business School, Dr. Aditi Gupta; Senior Lecturer in Accounting, and Dr. Alexandra Budjanovcanin; Lecturer in Work Psychology and Public Services Management, during the period from May 5th to May 10th, to meet and interact with School of Business and Finance faculty and students and to discuss quality assurance and students related collaboration activities. Professor Stephen Bach would be also giving a lecture titled: “Business Education: The King’s Business Experience” to NGU staff and students on Tuesday, May 8th

Formative Assessment Day

Last week, our students at the School of Medicine excelled at their formative assessment. Formative assessments allow students to make adjustments to what and how they are learning. Feedback can also be used to make immediate and significant adjustments to what and how teachers deliver their learning.