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Want to Study at KCL? APPLY NOW!

As a part of NGU’s collaboration with King’s College London, NGU is pleased to announce its Exchange and Study Abroad Programs for its students in the school of Business and Finance. The Exchange and Study Abroad Programs will offer excelling students in the school of Business and Finance an opportunity to study for a semester and up to a year abroad at King’s College London.

The objective of the programs is to create unique learning opportunities for students at NGU to explore their field of study in an international context and to enable them to add professional experience to their learning. Moreover, the programs aim at helping the students to expand their learning perspectives by exposing them to different learning methods than that in their own countries which will build their analytical and critical thinking skills. The programs also provide the students with opportunities to act as ambassadors to their university and their country by being exposed to diverse cultures and nationalities during either their Exchange or Study Abroad Programs. Finally, upon returning from their Exchange or Study Abroad Programs, students will assume leadership roles and provide support to consecutive colleagues who will undertake the program.

For more information about the programs and eligibility click here. You will also need to submit a complete online application form to be considered for the Exchange Program and the Study Abroad Program.