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Nadine El-Nahhas | A Success Story from our school of dentistry

Nadine El Nahhas, our Fencing champion and Dentistry student has a remarkable story to tell.

“Who said that packed lunches and car naps are not a lifestyle? Well in my case, it is! From never-ending hours of training, to all the catching up with my studies, it definitely was a challenge trying to find that balance between my academic and athletic life. It keeps that adrenaline flow all the time! I guess we all know the stereotype of dentist students, where life is as all about academics, and only academics. However, here at NGU we always seek to break the norm. I will never find that level of support and motivation, to keep me going anywhere else.  Here at NGU, we do not graduate as dentists, but as full rounded humans, knowing how to get the best of it all”.

Nadine El Nahhas, Fencing champion: Third place nationwide in 2011, third place juniors World Cup in 2012, second place Arab championship in 2014 and second place nationwide in 2016-2017.