Newgiza University (NGU) is creating an extraordinary youthful environment filled with energy, talent, and cultural diversity that redefines the future Egypt. By exploring the unusual, and challenging the ordinary throughout the campus, we establish a synergy of cross cultural and international awareness with driving concepts of creativity and enterprise. NGU will be launching a vibrant community of world class interdisciplinary researchers, professors, and students that foster excellence and encourage innovation.

Vision and Mission


Creating a community of interdisciplinary researchers, professors, and students that foster excellence and encourages innovation.  This community’s contributions enable it to spearhead academic and scientific advancement in the region and across the world by building a strong foundation for the 21st century learning.


School of Medicine Mission:

The new MBBCh program aims to produce a distinctive NGU Doctor :  a scientifically   literate, research informed, patient-cantered and socially responsible professional who can serve the health needs of individuals and communities both in Egypt and beyond.

School of Dentistry Mission:

The new School of Dentistry will provide the innovation, leadership, structures and practices necessary to deliver a patient-centred and practice-focused model of health science education


Word from the president

It gives me great pleasure to introduce NGU, the new temple of knowledge.

We aim to establish a premier academic institution as a catalyst for progressive change in scientific research and technological advancement. This institute comprises an ever evolving set of common courses on classic texts and contemporary issues required of all NGU undergraduates, thereby creating a unique intellectual grounding for critical thinking skills.

To foster and sustain excellence in higher education and scientific research, various collaborations with international universities and programs took place to attract highly accomplished students from abroad and within to prepare for future leaders.

NGU will maintain its stature by relying on the board of trustees to truly set the foundation and pillars of this university.

Prof. A. Sameh Farid, M.D.
University President

Newgiza University is now affiliated with one of the world’s top universities, University College London (UCL), to present unprecedented university education levels in the Middle East and North Africa regions with a particular focus on the fields of Medicine, Dentistry, and Pharmacy.

Professor Deborah Gill, Director of the UCL Medical School on her return from her initial visit to New Giza University remarked:

“My colleagues and I are delighted to have this unique opportunity to work with New Giza University in using our expertise, experience and resources to support and mentor an excellent and motivated team to develop and deliver contemporary, world-class health care education for dentists, doctors and pharmacists in Egypt.”

This collaboration is only the beginning of relighting the beacon knowledge. NGU is set to dramatically overturn the current standards of education available, and introduce critical skills as part of NGU’s educational system. The goal is to hone intellects, develop critical thinking skills, and sustain a very strong research system marking NGU as a worldwide acclaimed university.