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Autism Awareness – Guest Lecture

Student were invited to attend a guest lecture to learn more about Autism from Mrs. Maha Helali, Founder of the Learning Resource Center (LRC) and Chairman of the Egyptian Society for Developing Skills of Children with Special Needs.

World Autism Awareness Day

NGU Students and Faculty members pledged to wear Blue for World Autism Awareness Day on April 2, 2017.

Mrs. Maha Helali, Founder of the Learning Resource Center (LRC) and Chairman of the Egyptian Society for Developing Skills of Children with Special Needs visited NGU on April 5, 2017 where students got to learn more about Autism and how to deal with it correctly.

NGU x UCL Staff Development Workshop

As part of UCL’s collaboration,  a 3 day Staff Development workshop led by Prof. Deborah Gill, Director of University College London’s (UCL) Medical School  took place last week at NGU where she worked hand in hand with our esteemed professors

“George Foster-Alexander Von Humboldt Fellowship for Experienced Scientists”

After receiving the State Encouragement Award last year, Dr. Ahmed Ihab was granted another international award from the Alexander Von Humboldt foundation, where he has just received the “George Foster-Alexander Von Humboldt Fellowship for experienced Scientists”.

The award is considered the most prestigious in Germany and the world, where 54 Humboldians from all over the world were already Nobel Laureates among them was “Ahmed Zewail”

We are confident that this inspiring news would add to the valuable accomplishments of our faculty and to be the beginning of a series of further achievements that places NGU as one of the top Universities in Egypt.

Cairo Model World Health Organization (CMWHO)

27 NGU students participated in the Cairo Model World Health Organization (CMWHO) entitled “Refugees crisis and its global health implications” that took place early February.  One student quoted “It was a true eye-opener and we reached a resolution that every country should welcome refuges to abolish such a worldwide crisis”.

NGU students standing here with Dr. Lamis Ragab, NGU’s  Vice President. Throughout the years, Dr. Ragab is not only an academic supervisor to CMWHO, she is a platinum cofounder as well. She has been supporting CMWHO since its very beginning in 2012 and supporting CMWHO by all means, giving the most wise pieces of advice at every time it is needed; opening CMWHO to valuable networks that would have never existed except for her support; and foremost sharing every important moment of CMWHO success story.

2016-2017 NGU Student Ambassador Program

The NGU Ambassador Program provides an exciting opportunity for students to provide an insight into NGU student life to various
members of the community, with a focus in prospective students and their families. For the first semester of study at NGU, 14 students were selected to be NGU Ambassadors. As well as representing the university and their fellow classmates, NGU Ambassadors are able to develop their leadership networking skills by participating in activities organised by the Office of Student Affairs.

Student Union Elections

NGU is committed to fostering an environment of leadership and open thought for all of its students, and has put in place the structure for an involved and committed Student Union (SU). The NGU SU is a platform for all students, from all faculties, to engage with each other and with their university. The elections took place on Decemeber 14,2016.

Congratulations to our elected Presidents Ahmed Abdelwahed and Vice President Fadwa Hatem.

Duties (President):
• Official spokesman and representative of NGU students
• Appoints Student Union Treasurer and Committee Heads (Academic Committee, Activities Committee and Service Committee)
• Present quarterly plan for SU events and budgets to the Student Affairs Office

*The Vice President shall assist the President in his/her role
in the SU and shall assume the duties of the President in
case of illness or his/her inability to perform the role.

UCL Dental Team Visit

As part of UCL’s collaboration to establish Schools of Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy at Newgiza University, Eastman Director Professor Stephen Porter visited the NGU School of Dentistry earlier this month. As well as engaging discussions with NGU’s Dean of Dentistry Professor Randa Elsalawy and other faculty members, Professor Porter was also able to meet with the first cohort of students, all of whom were excited to commence their studies at the university.