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22 Tips for the Class of 2022

22 Tips for the Class of 2022

You are now at the very beginning of a roller coaster ride. Not much to your surprise, you must know that millions of people were at the same starting point as you. Some knew how not to panic when their track inverts upside down and mostly everyone inevitably thinks that this is the very end.


Here are 22 tips to always regain control of yourself on such a ride, because we will always have an inverted track that we should be able to control:


  1. Everyone Is You, You Are Everyone


As everyone else, you are a newbie in the queue. You are not familiar with the route of this roller coaster, nor the surroundings and not even your neighboring companions that will keep screaming throughout the ride. No one does either. It’s okay not to know, don’t ever feel left out or ignorant about it.


  1. Accept All


Everyone you will meet will always have something different to you. That should be something you benefit from rather than shy away to what you find more convenient. It is your chance to grab lessons in life without sitting a class for it.


  1. Give It a Shot


If you do not know anyone, befriend everyone. Make your day and everyone else’s better by simply smiling at them. Greet them in the morning. Be open to friendships and hangouts. If you are new to the city or the country, explore it all with them. Plan something together, try out the food you never tasted, go on walks and learn the proper language of a commoner (it’ll help you understand everyone mostly)


  1. Patience


No smarter advice can be given to anyone making new steps other than not rushing into everything. Sit, think and choose wisely. As you try everything out, keep in mind that they are trials and do not limit yourself to what you bump into first. Your academics, companions and student life activities is what will shape your journey.


  1. Be Different


Luckily, being who you are, is the new different. Do not change ‘you’ to fit in. Do not be shut down with every struggle or challenge you meet and rather embrace it as a CHANGE to your perspective. Be open to that type of change. You are learning new things, meeting new people and you are slowly growing into your true character.


  1. Attend Your Lectures


We all learn differently and we have come to terms that the effort you put into anything in comparison to someone who puts in half of your effort might bring you to the same result. That is totally fine, everyone has their abilities and that is why you must know that your life is not centered around being a bookworm but rather on the basics that will help you reach your desired result. It will all start with at least listening to your professors at your lectures. That is half of the work you need to do, done.


  1. Find A Club


Your circle should not be limited to your academic companions, but with people who you work with on other projects. That is your unpaid internship in which you are given a job to handle, meetings to attend to and decisions to make. Make use of this experience and you will either discover a skill within you or foster it.


  1. Have a Plan


Organizing your steps will make life a little easier, especially around the time when you are trying to cram everything into a tiny schedule at the end of the year. Have a timetable, note down your goals for the day, week and month. Keep a record of everything you possibly need to achieve your target.


  1. You are A member Of The Family


Family sticks together, they do not fight one another. If you find yourself stuck in a situation of that sort, try to remain calm and do not turn people against each other. Do not slip into a cycle of gossip or make it a harder time for someone and even worse, yourself. You will not be hurting anyone but yourself.


  1. Agree To Disagree


You must have heard that phrase a lot. Accept that you should respect everyone’s opinion just as they should respect yours. Feuds always started with major disagreements where there was no room for discussions.


  1. Involve Yourself


You have a voice for a reason, so speak up for anything you think is wrong and for your own rights. Remain respectful and know your duties to receive your merits.


  1. Find a Calm Spot


Your free time needs a place to free your mind. Discover these spots in your campus and make it a safe haven.


  1. Help Others


Always be a helping hand to those who need it. Do not wait to be asked and rather offer it yourself. We all deserve to stand by one another.


  1. Make A Study Group


Studying will become a lot easier when you share your knowledge. This goes back to dividing the workload and working as a team, you will benefit more from what your friends will teach you and what you’ll teach them.


  1. Stay Healthy


Take a good care of your physique and nutrition. You will be astonished by how big of an impact it will have on your performance and attitude towards life in general.


  1. Don’t Add Too Much To Your Plate


Although trying a lot of different things is beneficial, being all over the place and inefficiency is not. If you find yourself unable to do every activity and duty it’s justice, take a step back and reevaluate your decisions.


  1. Manage Your Time


You’ll be surprised on how much you can achieve in a day if you use your time well. It’s the only thing you can spend and not take back, so spend it wisely.


  1. Ask Questions


Don’t leave your inquiries unanswered till when it’s very late. Learning is done in gradual steps, and you’ll stay stuck if you don’t understand a point before you move onto the next one.


  1. Read


Your academic readings shouldn’t be the only reading you do. Your mind needs to feed on inspiring novels, funny stories and anything that allows you to be more creative.


  1. Stay Focused On Your Goal


You’ll find yourself drifting away from your target at a certain stage, you might become less interested or just tired. If you think of it is a short break, don’t let it displace the real purpose of why you attended University. Take full responsibility for your actions and choose the right path.


  1. Have Fun


Don’t take everything too seriously. You’re young and you’ll never be as young as you are again. Be fun to have around and seek joy through your friends and the activities around you.


  1. Never Give Up


As cliché as it might sound, it’s not the end of the world. No matter what the world throws at you, you have to know that you and everyone around you will have their route inverted upside down. Things will not go as expected and you might think that you are out of luck. Remind yourself that a rollercoaster always inverts its way back on track and life goes on. Stay true to yourself and everyone around you.

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Newgiza University (NGU) is pleased to announce the School of Pharmacy Scholarship Program (25 seats).

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Step 2: Complete the scholarship application form (Click Here) with all required supporting documents (Deadline: September 14, 2018)

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Step 4: Visit the admission department on campus to schedule an interview and complete the payment procedure.

By completing these steps, you will be successfully enrolled at NGU!

NOTE: Applicants can submit the NGU online application without submitting the IELTS score. Submission of the IELTS score can be extended beyond the interview upon request.