We admit the most academically able, motivated and passionate students to our courses and provide them with inspiring teaching that’s world class.

We’re also confident that we offer the best resources and facilities to support their learning.

  • Lecture Halls

    Air conditioned and supplied by updated audiovisual aids.

    Three types of lecture halls:

    • Conference theater 
    • 4 large  lecture halls 
    • 17  Small class rooms 
  • Laboratories

    All academic departments  have its own well equipped  lab. : (Dry  and wet labs ) :

    2 Physiology, 2 biochemistry, 1 pharmacology, 1 pathology and forensic , 1 histology, 1 microbiology , in addition to  Anatomy labs ( gross anatomy lab., anatomy museum , virtual anatomy lab. and body preparation and dissecting room).

    Each lab has preparation store room.

  • Two skills lab

    for basic and advanced life support, for surgery, internal medicine, pediatrics and obstetrics and gynecology.

  • Libraries

    Faculty and department libraries offer more specialized collections of books, journals, periodicals and electronic resources for particular subjects. The libraries, holding books, journals and other documents, written in more than 3 languages and ranging in age from old manuscripts to the latest electronic articles.

  • Research labs

    three labs each enough for around 30 students.

  • Outpatient clinics
  • Computing and IT

    Most student rooms are connected to the University network and internet, and wireless hot spots are available throughout the University and faculties. In addition, all faculties and many departments have computer suites offering a range of general and specialist software, as well as printers and scanners.

  • Student services

    – Cafeteria and restaurant
    – Amphitheatre
    – Football Court
    – Tennis Courts
    – Breakouts
    – Toilets ( M & F
    – Disabled Toilets ( M & F)
    – Prayer Rooms (M & F)
    – Students Lockers

  • Student Union

    NGU is committed to fostering an environment of leadership and open thought for all of its students, and has put in place the structure for an involved and committed Student Union (SU). The NGU SU is a platform for all students, from all faculties, to engage with each other and with their university.

    It will be the center of activity for students, focusing on enhancing their quality of life, supporting co-curricular activities, and reinforcing NGU’s educational mission and vision. The SU also serves as a space for discussion, recommending improvements, and proposing new ideas for implementation on campus. These ideas might be relevant to academic study or to extra-curricular activities, but regardless of topic, students will benefit from having a space to air their views and connect with their learning environment.

    Nominations and elections for the 2016-2017 SU Executive body took place during December 2016. The positions filled were President, Vice President and the Heads of the Academic, Activities and Service Committees. The main role of the President is to be the official spokesman and representative of the NGU student body, ensuring that the voices of the students are heard and ideas taken into consideration, which creates a dynamic and democratic learning environment which stays true to NGU’s mission of truly unbounded thinking. Voting took place on December 14, 2016, with a very high participation rate from the NGU students and resulted in the student body electing Ahmed Abdelwahed as President and Fadwa Hatem as Vice President.


  • NGU Ambassador Program

    The NGU Ambassador Program provides an exciting opportunity for students to provide an insight into NGU student life to various members of the community, with a focus on prospective students and their families. For the AY2016-2017, after a thorough interviewing and selection process 14 students were chosen to be NGU Ambassadors. As well as representing the university and their fellow classmates, NGU Ambassadors are able to develop their leadership networking skills by participating in activities organized by the Office of Student Affairs


  • NGU Clubs

    NGU encourages students to actively engage in student clubs to offer a dynamic experience for everyone. These programs help foster leadership development and build a community. The first class of students have worked hard to initiate Student Clubs that are supported by the university to provide an organized environment for the pursuit of various extra-curricular activities. So far, there are 8 active Student Clubs

    1. Model World Health Organization (MWHO)

    2. Peer Assisted Learning (PAL)

    3. NGUWHO

    4. Charity Club

    5. Yoga & Fitness Club

    6. Karate Club

    7. The Book Hub

    8. AGOG

Student life at NGU merges academic, social, cultural, community, and sports activities for a complete personal growth experience. In addition to the essential activities that are usually associated with university life, as a freshly launched institution, students will be able to lead in the creation and participation of their student clubs and unions. Living in Egypt, a rich culture melting pot, and a close proximity to history and museums, you will be provided with a wealth of life experience beyond the pure academics.

At NGU we focus on building student employability skills by providing on campus job experience in addition to professional development courses in language skills and other, in partnership with leading local and international practitioners cross industry. Partnerships with various industry leaders are forged for future career opportunities to NGU graduates.

Our campus and technology are built to provide maximum accessibility to  those with special needs.



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For students interested in NGU’s transportation services, please fill out the application in the link the below: