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Exciting News for the Business School Students

Exciting News for the Business School Students

From King’s College London


Exciting news brought to you by Prof. Stephen Bach, Dean of King’s Business School. As of this academic year, all students of the School of Business and Finance have the opportunity to compete for attending one year abroad at KCL, as well as participating in a student exchange program with KCL.

1)  Students exchange 

Up to five students per year could come on a full overseas-fees basis. They will have to apply to the Study Abroad Undergraduate programme, via the Admissions Portal, and must be considered by Admissions just as other Study Abroad student.



2) One year abroad

The best two students per semester, selected competitively, can come on a reciprocal basis (i.e. no fees).

For them, NGU will use the Study Abroad Exchange Undergraduate programme route, even though there is no exchange agreement in place yet. These two students will need to be nominated by NGU and then by applying via the Exchange programme no fee will be levied.

Nominations and how to apply –