Library and Research

NGU. Library is a place that is used simultaneously physically and virtually; a place that permits users to participate and collaborate in a learning, scholarly community. Our theme is: You can read wherever you are at NGU. Library.

The Library has the basic responsibility of providing the collection resources and services to the students and faculty of NGU.

The following are the goals and objectives of the University Library:

  1. To develop and enhance the capability of the library resources and services in meeting the demands of the curricular,  instructional, and research programs of the academic community;
  2. To establish a computer infrastructure of all library operations and services;
  3. To establish a strong library linkage with other institutions and agencies in the country and if possible with organizations and agencies from foreign countries;
  4. To strengthen the library’s bond to the library patrons by establishing “The Book Hub and Library Ambassadors” program which would assist in the development of the library collection as well as reading habits;
  5. To provide services that enhance the quest for knowledge and intellectual activity;
  6. To create an atmosphere wherein students and faculty may carry on the learning and research process.

Therefore, you may choose one of the following library services: