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NGU is heading towards being a smoke free campus

NGU is looking into methods of transforming its campus to a smoke-free one. Looking into success stories of universities around the world and reflecting on those who were unable to reach a smoke-free campus, we realized that when members of those universities worked together they were more likely to reach their goals.

We are very pleased to announce that we are inviting representatives from each faculty -both staff and students- to participate in the NGU Smoke-Free Committee. This committee will study the different mechanisms for reaching a smoke-free campus and will work with all members of the NGU community in implementing this policy. Once successful, NGU will be able to share its story in applying participatory approaches for community change and will mentor and guide other universities in Egypt to become smoke-free as well.

NGU will become smoke-free only if we do it together!

Therefore, we invite all our students to send your ideas and suggestions to the Student Life Office. We welcome all ideas and any support you want to give.