Student Life

Students at NGU enjoy a very rich student life with diverse opportunities of co-curricular activities. You can be part of any of its 25 clubs and associations, and its several health and fitness programs. Come and travel to Aswan to attend a medical convoy and serve children in a Nubian Village, join your friends in a singing contest with the music club, help raise awareness on the important issues through the UNAI Hub at NGU, score a goal with our soccer team, become inspired at a talk by Prof. Sir. Magdy Yacoub, attend international conferences and become an NGU ambassador.

Through creating a safe environment for NGU students to explore their leadership and professional skills and empowering them to serve others, the Student Life Office offers its students with diverse opportunities to discover their potentials.

  • New Student Orientation (NSO)

    The NSO introduces new students to life at NGU and ensures they have a smooth transition into their university experience. Students are introduced to the NGU educational system, semester structure, and campus rules and regulations, along with meeting their professors, colleagues and NGU’s Student Affairs Office’s team, ensuring they are equipped with all the information they need to begin their studies at NGU. Students are able to get acquainted with the variety of activities and services offered to them on campus.

  • Student Union

    NGU is committed to fostering an environment of leadership and open thought for all of its students, and has put in place the structure for an involved and committed Student Union (SU) The NGU SU is a platform for all students from all schools to engage with each other and with their university.

    The NGU SU is focuses on enhancing the student life experience on campus through supporting co-curricular activities, and reinforcing NGU’s educational mission and vision. The SU also serves as a space for discussions, innovations, and actual projects initiated and implemented by the students to bring out the best of the members of NGU community.

    The NGU SU President and Vice President are nominated and elected by the students. The selected President and Vice President then appoints heads for its different committees such as academics, services, and activities. The main role of the President is to be the official representative spokesman of the NGU student body, ensuring that all students’ voices, concerns, ideas, and plans are heard and taken into consideration. This creates a dynamic and democratic learning environment which stays true to NGU’s mission of truly unbounded thinking.

    Ahmed Abdel Wahed – President

    Fadwa Hatem – Vice President

    Mario Rizk – President

    Hanien Khamis Vice President

  • Student Leadership and Self Development

    NGU creates a safe learning environment for its students to explore and experiment different leadership and professional skills such as leadership, communication, teamwork, project planning, and decision making. Through experiential learning activities and sessions students get to have hands on experiences on how it is to be a leader, how to speak in public, or plan a community service project. They also get to meet with community leaders and entrepreneurs who have had an impact on society. These programs are a great way to prepare students to their future professions.

  • Student Worker Program

    NGU offers its students with various internship opportunities on campus during the winter and the summer breaks. Students get to experience work at NGU at different departments across campus where they gain professional experience and build both their skills and knowledge base which builds on their competitive edge when entering the workforce.

  • Wellness Programs

    NGU provides the students with several wellness programs such as several sports, yoga, and reflection and meditation programs. NGU provides counselling services for its students

  • NGU Ambassador Program

    The NGU Ambassador Program is designed to provide students who are passionate about their university and enjoy helping others, an opportunity to play a leadership role in presenting NGU. Our NGU Ambassadors provide insight to new students and their families as they are considered the face of NGU.

    The NGU Ambassador Program offers you with an exciting opportunity to build your leadership and networking skills by offering insight on NGU student life. You will support NGU in several events and activities and will get the opportunity to represent members of the student body to NGU visitors.

  • NGU Student Organizations

    Student Organizations

    Supported by NGU, students actively engage in student organizations, clubs, and associations to offer a dynamic experience for everyone. Participating in student-led organizations helps foster students’ leadership skills, acquire skills like teamwork, communication and negotiation, and helps build a sense of a community. Students have worked hard to initiate Student Clubs and Associations to provide an organized environment for the pursuit of various extra and co-curricular activities.

    Student Clubs

    Student Organizations Student President Advisor Description Facebook Page
    1 B.E.A.T  
    Business Entertainment and activities Team
    Mohamed Faisal Dr. Nancy Ali Through various events and student activities, B.E.A.T break students’ life routine and zone out delivering fun and entertainment to the NGU Campus. Facebook Page


    2 Charity Club Zeina El Adawi Mrs. Ola Ismail The Charity Club’s message is simple: to improve the society we live in, to give back to the community, to appreciate what we have, and to try to provide to those less fortunate than we are. This message of positivity and generosity fits perfectly with the oath that every medical student takes at the outset of their medical studies, and the Charity Club is sure to be a hit at NGU. Facebook Page
    3 Insider Elaf Nawlo Dr. Azza Hashem As a part of Egypt Insider, online magazine; It approaches NGU students by creating a platform that will provide high levels of communication and interaction. This is conducted through interviews with NGU community members; Faculty/students while covering NGU events with focus on the talented individuals. Facebook Page
    4 Karate Club Ahmed Abdelwahed Dr. Noha Eissa Perhaps the most famous of martial arts, this soon-to-be Olympic sport is now available for all students at NGU. The Karate Club’s goal is to help students
    learn the sport’s primary techniques and strengthen their self-defense mechanisms. Students can participate just for fun, to increase their fitness, or with an eye to eventually becoming
    a member of the NGU Karate team to participate in competition.
    5 Model World Health 
    Organization (Mwho)  
    Amr Genina Dr. Lamis Ragab Typical of any medical school, one of the most popular extra-curricular activities is the simulation of how the World Health Organization operates. MWHO provides students with an understanding of medical collaboration beyond national borders, developments in global public health, and other major topics in the field of global healthcare. At the same time, students are able to work on their public speaking skills and teamwork – an essential part of the MWHO atmosphere. Facebook Page
    6 Movere Salma Ghoneim Dr.Mai Hilmy As a Latin word, MOVERE means to move and motivate. MOVERE’s mission is to organize various club activities ranges from supportive discussion groups to mental targeting fund raising events. Facebook Page
    7 Music Kamal Aziz Music Club provides a platform for students to express their musical talents. In addition, the music club intends to form a band that will perform during university events. Facebook Page
    8 NGU LAC Dina Ramadan Dr. Ahmed Abo Samra LAC provides a language-rich environment for language acquisition through language sessions and hosting guest speakers.
    It works on improving writing, listening and speaking skills of different languages. It also cultivates the value of learning foreign languages and cultures. It emphasized the importance of tolerating the different.
    Facebook Page
    9 NGU Magazine Mariam Zedan Dr. Magda Assaf NGU Magazine is a reachable online and paper magazine to discuss everything inside and outside NGU campus through NGUians perspectives. Creates a deep insight on NGU insider society. Raises awareness for literacy and reading. Facebook Page
    10 PAWS Mai Rashad Dr. Safaa Sharrah PAWS  aims at raising awareness about the animal abuse issue in Egypt, help animals in  need, and raise awareness about the global animal extinction.
    11 Peer Assisted Learning (PAL) Yehia Elshakweiry Dr. Magda Assaf PAL’s aim is to re-teach more complicated
    lectures in innovative, simpler, easier to digest
    ways. PAL is an extremely successful
    learning method; its basic premise
    is that it is ‘for the students, by the
    students’, and it allows every student
    at NGU to learn at their own pace.
    12 REV-ART Daved Mikhail Dr. Azza Hashem Rev-Art Club is an outlet for those
    with a passion for drawing, painting,
    and the digital arts. The Club will work
    towards establishing a network of
    independent artists at the NGU campus,
    which can then expand to include artists
    from partner universities. As a mission
    for its first year of operation, Rev-Art
    Club aims to produce several short
    films and put on a theatre production.
    Facebook Page
    13 Scoop Amal Shaal Dr. Rodayna Atef Through efficient employment to various social media platforms, Scoop will embrace the students’ various talents in a fun and creative way. It promotes freedom of expression of the students and highlights other clubs’ event and activities. Scoop aims at delivering students entertained, de-stressed and carefree learning environment. Facebook Page


    14 The Book Hub Hana Osama Dr. Sherif Shaheen As its name implies, this Student Club focuses on all things book-related. Whether it be literature or academia, The Book Hub’s mission is to expose NGU’s students to a culture of reading and knowledge. The Club works in conjunction with the NGU Library, working to make the most of the resources at NGU students’ disposal and organizing monthly seminars showcasing the latest books.
    15 The Enterprise Expo-NGU Youssef Hafeez Dr. Khaled Hegazy Widening one’s horizon by engaging in extra- extracurricular activities throughout the academic years. Improving interpersonal skills by interacting with fellow students, faculty members, and the society at large.


    Student Associations

    Student Organizations Student President Advisor Description  Facebook Page
    1 NGUMA   Khadiga Elshmarka Dr. Lamiaa Mohsen NGUMA is a non-profit, medical student organization, recognized by NGU and is a candidate member of The International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations (IFMSA) Egypt. Its mission is to engage in an active role in our community through different channels to raise awareness of the public about health services, as well as their rights. Paving a way for future medical students to follow their dreams, reach their goals, and most importantly, success in their careers as medical practitioners and taking on health leadership roles all over the world. Facebook Page
    2 DSSA-NGU  Zeina Adawi Dr. Wael Abou-Zeid Dental Students’ Scientific Association of Egypt (DSSA-NGU) aims mainly to promote public awareness of oral and dental health among Egyptian society. In addition, to improve the scientific knowledge and soft skills of Egyptian and non-Egyptian dental students all over Egypt. Facebook Page
    3 Egyptian Pharmaceutical Students’
    Federation EPSF-NGU 
    Mai Rashad Dr. Manal Maher The Egyptian Pharmaceutical Students’ Federation (EPSF) is the Egyptian’s largest professional non-governmental and non-political organization for Pharmacy Students. Its vision is to make EPSF  is to equip pharmacy students with the tools that enable them do duties in their future career efficiently and effectively.
    4 Enactus Alaa Abdelakher Dr. Marwa El Gebaly Enactus is an international non-profit organization dedicated to inspire students to improve the world through entrepreneurial action. It provides a platform for teams of outstanding students to create community development projects that put people’s own ingenuity and talents at the center of improving their livelihoods. Guided by educators and supported by business leaders, Enactus work through an entrepreneurial approach that empowers students to be values-driven leaders. As Enactus members, students participate annual series of regional and national competitions that provides a forum for teams to showcase the impact of their outreach efforts and to be evaluated by executives serving as judges. Facebook Page
    5 IBF-NGU Hagar Albagoury Mrs. Ola Ismail IBF Organizes and conducts medical convoys that provide free healthcare services in unprivileged areas all over Egypt. It holds awareness events and training workshops on various medical international days, whose entire profits go to serving a related medical charitable cause. Facebook Page
    6 TEDxNGU                                          Hazem Saqr Dr. Mostafa Kandil In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. TEDx mission is to convey a remarkable lifetime messages to its audience through bringing out inspiring stories to the light. TedxNGU’s vision is to empower the brilliant minds of students and staff at Newgiza University as well as the Egyptian community by spreads ideas that are worth spreading. Facebook Page


International Office

Newgiza University (NGU) believes in the role of international exposure in creating future leaders who are able to work and make best of their skills both nationally and internationally. Therefore; NGU through its partners from different educational institutions and universities worldwide offers Exchange and Study Abroad opportunities for its students. The NGU International Office connects NGU students with different opportunities to attend conferences, study tours, and academic studies in different universities.

The objective of the programs offered through NGU International Office is to create unique learning opportunities for students at NGU to explore their field of study in an international context and enable them to add professional experience to their learning. The programs aim at helping its students to expand their learning perspectives by exposing them to different learning methods than that at their own countries which will build their analytical and critical thinking skills. In addition, the programs provide its students with opportunities to act as ambassadors to their university and their country by being exposed to diverse cultures and nationalities during either their Exchange or Study Abroad Programs. Finally, returning NGU students assume leadership roles and provide support to consecutive colleagues who would undertake similar programs.

The NGU International Office provides its students with all the support needed for their travel through pre-departure support before their travels and ongoing support while they are away. The International Office at NGU works on helping its returning students to settle in back smoothly and guides them through the learning and reflective processes upon their return. Returning students play a vital leadership role in providing support to their colleagues throughout the process.
Exchange and Study Abroad Opportunities offered at NGU:
NGU and KCL Exchange Program and Study Abroad Program

United Nations Academic Impact

Newgiza University (NGU) has been selected by the United Nations Academic Impact (UNAI) to become the hub for Sustainable Development Goal number three: Health and Well-being for all. NGU is now one of the 17 universities around the world that have been selected to become a hub for the 2030 UN Sustainable Development Goals. SDG 3 will ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages.
NGU has been selected for its ongoing efforts to build responsible and conscious medical professionals who are willing to go the extra mile to serve others and their communities. NGU supports and believes in empowering youth through several student activities, projects, and initiatives led by its students.
NGU will continue to create more opportunities and provide all support needed to members of its community that are willing to become part of the NGU UNAI Hub. Whether you are student, faculty, or staff; you are invited to come up with innovative ideas that promote SDG 3 and ensures to serve the community.

United Nations Academic Impact