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Student Union Elections

NGU is committed to fostering an environment of leadership and open thought for all of its students, and has put in place the structure for an involved and committed Student Union (SU). The NGU SU is a platform for all students, from all faculties, to engage with each other and with their university. The elections took place on Decemeber 14,2016.

Congratulations to our elected Presidents Ahmed Abdelwahed and Vice President Fadwa Hatem.

Duties (President):
• Official spokesman and representative of NGU students
• Appoints Student Union Treasurer and Committee Heads (Academic Committee, Activities Committee and Service Committee)
• Present quarterly plan for SU events and budgets to the Student Affairs Office

*The Vice President shall assist the President in his/her role
in the SU and shall assume the duties of the President in
case of illness or his/her inability to perform the role.