Student Life
  • Integrated Health Sciences campus which is beneficial to students especially in their first years
  • Practice and real cases exposure through the laboratories and the teaching
  • Indoor and outdoor breakout areas for students to enhance their social interactions
  • Professional development courses in language skills, and other courses in partnership with various industries (for all NGU 12 faculties) and international educational bodies
  • Regularly organised events, conferences and forums
  • Entertainment events such as music concerts, theater
  • Student union body and other faculty related “clubs/associations”
  • Volunteering events and programs to support the local communities and help students in their early lives the concept of giving back to the community
  • NGU sports team
  • Student support and counseling
  • Special consideration for the disabled
  • Semester abroad Programs with international education partners, as well as summer courses
  • Partnerships with various industries will provide adequate career related services to NGU graduates
  • Proximity to various retail and entertainment facilities surrounding the NGU and in 6th October district.
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