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UCL and University of Toronto Collaborative Research Project with NGU

NGU is proud to be part of a Medical Education research project together with UCL and University of Toronto. The research objective is to improve the collaboration between institutions by setting up small projects in areas of mutual expertise and interest. Site visits will be conducted to critically evaluate two existing global medical education partnerships by the organizations.

Medical education experts will review existing education partnerships with a critical gaze. The first visit was conducted to Addis Ababa University to evaluate the joint master program with UoT by Dr. Ahmed Rashid and Dr. Deborah Gill from UCL, Prof. Lamis Ragab and Dr. Monica Wassim from NGU, and Dr. Cynthia Whitehead and Dr. Sohpie Soklaridis from the University of Toronto.

The evaluation scholars from UoT and AAU will conduct the second site visit to NGU in November 2019.