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White Coat Ceremony | Class 2023

Today, Newgiza University held the “White Coat” ceremony for the third consecutive year. The aim of this celebration is to instill professional foundations for all medical students, through the recital of the white coat oath by the first year students of the life and health sciences’ schools (Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy) upon the beginning of their new academic year.

The annual tradition of NGU was inaugurated by Prof. Dr. A. Sameh Farid, NGU President. In the presence of the following honorable guests from UCL University:

Prof. Dr. Deborah Gill “Medical School Director, UCL”
Prof. Dr. Duncan Craig “Director, UCL School of Pharmacy”
Prof. Dr. Scott Rice “Prof. of Dentistry & EDI Consultant Radiologist”
Prof. Cate Whittlesea “Chair in Pharmacy Practice, UCL”
Gaynor Jones “Head of UCL Medical School Management”
Petra Dimmers “Portfolio Manager, UCL School of Medicine”

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