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Admission Deadlines

The application deadline for international certificates:

The application deadline for fall 21/22 is 15 September for the following international certificates and diplomas:

  • IGCSE/GCSE British Certificate.
  • International Baccalaureate.
  • German Abitur.
  • Arabic Thanawya Amma.
  • French Baccalaureate.
  • American High School Diploma.
  • Canadian Certificates.


  1. This deadline does NOT apply for the students with the Egyptian Thanawyya A’mma certificates. Please refer to the Ministry of Higher Education website for Private Universities Tansik https://www.cpnu-admission.edu.eg/
  2. The deadline for the students with international certificates to apply for scholarships is 15 September 2021.

The scholarships deadline for the Thanawyya A’mma certificate:

Based on the high demand, and after announcing the first batch of the scholarship awardees, NGU is extending the scholarships deadline till 15 September.

This extension should allow a proper time window for the Thanawya A’mma students to apply and benefit from our generous merit scholarships for the Engineering, Information Technology, and Pharmacy majors.

Admitted students meeting the scholarship criteria will enjoy tuition waivers varying from 100% to 25% based on their high school grades, English proficiency, interview, and extracurricular activities.

How to Apply

The Application Process


Paying Application Fees

To proceed with your application please note that you need to pay the non-refundable application fees with the amount of 1500 EGP . You can make the application fees payment through a cash bank deposit or transfer at NGU bank account as per the details sent to you. Please note that your application will not be processed until we receive your application fees.


Submitting the Required Documents

Submit all your academic and non-academic required documents, along with your English Test Scores. You can send scanned copies and all originals will be requested upon your provisional acceptance. To view the required documents for your degree please choose one of the following:


Receiving an Interview Invitation

If you successfully complete all the above requirements you will be invited for a personal interview. Kindly note that submitting your English Test Score is compulsory to receiving an interview invitation.

Applicants who passed in the interview will receive an email from the admissions office stating that they passed the interview and that the applicant should submit the remaining required documents to be able to receive the Provisional Acceptance email.


Receiving the acceptance letter

Acceptance letter will be sent to you once you successfully meet NGU academic and SCU admissions requirements.



Applying on the New Electronic Tansik website

Applying on the New Electronic system will be applied only for Thanaweya Amma and Thanaweya Azhareya applicants. Otherwise, applicants are accepted directly from NGU.

Entrance Requirements

Academic Requirements:

  • Official certificate, Diplomas, and Transcript. You can submit copies of your “in-progress academic records” till you receive the final one for the admission process.
  • Original academic certificates, diplomas, and transcripts (inside Egypt) must be stamped by the Egyptian Educational Authorities and Ministry of Foreign affairs.
  • Original academic certificates, diplomas, and transcripts (outside Egypt) must be stamped by the Educational Authorities issuing them and the Egyptian embassies of those countries.
  • Proof of 12 years of schooling stamped by the school and the Egyptian educational authorities. (except for Thanaweya Amma or Arabic Thanaweya) or افادة من وزارة التربية و التعليم بمعادلة الشهادة للثانوية العامة المصرية and to add a recommendation letter from Math or Physics teacher for the school of Engineering and IT.
  • For American Diploma Graduates, the applicant must submit the School Accreditation Letter (schools outside Egypt) and إفادة تعليم خاص  (schools inside Egypt).
  • One recommendation letter preferred from the applicant’s English or Math teacher on the school letterhead for NGU – Social Studies Schools.
  • One recommendation letter preferred from the applicant’s Biology or Chemistry teacher on the school letterhead for NGU – Medical Schools.
  • Statement of purpose: In 500 words the applicant should highlight the major achievements he/she has done so far and state reasons for his/her interest in the program applying for.

Non-Academic Requirements:

  • Two original Birth certificate (computerized)
  • Four Passport size photos
  • Copy of Egyptian national ID
  • Copy of Passport (optional for Egyptian applicant and required for Non – Egyptian   applicant)
  • Military form 2 (for male Egyptian applicant)
  • General medical certificate from recognized clinic

English Language Requirements & Deadlines

English is the primary official medium of instruction at NGU. NGU recognizes that applicants must have a level of English efficiency to successfully participate in the learning process. Accordingly, applicants need to provide proof for their English Language proficiency to be considered for admissions. The English Language Proficiency test scores need to be valid at the time of your application.

The accepted English Language Proficiency tests at NGU for each specific school are:

  • School of Medicine: IELTS Academic T:6.5 / TOEFL IBT:80.
  • School of Dentistry: IELTS Academic T:6.0 / TOEFL IBT T:60.
  • School of Pharmacy: IELTS Academic T:5.5 / TOEFL IBT T:46 / TOEFL ITP:450
  • School of Business and Finance: IELTS Academic T:5.5 / TOEFL IBT T:46
  • School of Economics and Politics: IELTS Academic T:5.5 / TOEFL IBT T:46
  • School of Information Technology: IELTS Academic  T:6.0 / TOEFL IBT T:60
  • School of Engineering: IELTS Academic T:6.0 / TOEFL IBT T:60.


The deadline to submit your English placement test score is 31 August 2021 for all our schools, except for the School of Medicine.

Tuition & Fees


  • Tuition fees for new students were collected in three installments as follows:
    • The first installment and the total amount of laboratory insurance within 5 working days of sending the initial acceptance to the university.
    • The second installment is due no later than 15-December 2021.
    • The third installment is due no later than 15-March 2022.


Tuition for For Egyptian students in Egyptian Pounds – AY (2021/2022)

Major Total 1st installment (40%) 2nd installment (30%) 3rd installment (30%)
Medicine EGP 178,000 71,200 EGP 53,400 EGP 53,400 EGP
Dentistry EGP 168,000 67,200 EGP 50,400 EGP 50,400 EGP
Business and Finance  EGP 125,000 50,000 EGP 37,500 EGP 37,500 EGP
Pharmacy EGP 110,000 44,000 EGP 33,000 EGP 33,000 EGP
Economics and Politics EGP 125,000 50,000 EGP 37,500 EGP 37,500 EGP
Information Technology EGP 120,000 48,000 EGP 36,000 EGP 36,000 EGP
Engineering EGP 135,000 54,000 EGP 40,500 EGP 40,500 EGP


Laboratories insurance for Egyptian students in Egyptian Pounds – AY (2021/2022)

Major Total
Medicine EGP 10,000
Dentistry EGP 10,000
Business and Finance EGP 5,000
Pharmacy EGP 10,000
Economics and Politics EGP 5,000
Information Technology EGP 10,000
Engineering EGP 10,000



Tuition for For non-Egyptian students in USA dollars – AY (2021/2022)

Major Total 1st installment (40%) 2nd installment (30%) 3rd installment (30%)
Medicine USD 17,850 7,140 USD 5,355 USD 5,355 USD
Dentistry USD 13,650 5,460 USD 4,095 USD 4,095 USD
Business and Finance USD 9,000 3,600 USD 2,700 USD 2,700 USD
Pharmacy USD 11,000 4,400 USD 3,300 USD 3,300 USD
Economics and Politics USD 9,000 3,600 USD 2,700 USD 2,700 USD
Information Technology USD 9,000 3,600 USD 2,700 USD 2,700 USD
Engineering USD 12,000 4,800 USD 3,600 USD 3,600 USD


Laboratories insurance for non-Egyptian students in Egyptian Pounds  – AY (2021/2022)

Major Total
Medicine EGP 10,000
Dentistry EGP 10,000
Business and Finance EGP 5,000
Pharmacy EGP 10,000
Economics and Politics EGP 5,000
Information Technology EGP 10,000
Engineering EGP 10,000


Personal Interview

Personal interviews are intended to help the admissions team to decide whether each applicant will be able to benefit from the opportunities offered at NGU for its students. Since the admissions process at NGU looks at students holistically and is equally interested in their personal qualities as well as their academic skills and achievements, personal interviews are an important step for the admission process at NGU.

Interviews for admissions at NGU are personal interviews and do not require any preparation in advance. Just make sure you arrive on time. Members of NGU faculty and staff will conduct the interviews where a sample of an interview panel is composed of; the school dean, an academic member, and a student affairs member.

Important Announcement:

Due to the current health pandemic and the precautionary measures taken worldwide, NGU is gladly announcing that the admission cycle for Fall 2021 is currently taking place through a completely online process for the Safety Of Applicants. And, Personal Interviews will be conducted online soon.

Campus Tours

Campus visits:

NGU welcomes visitors and interested students to come and experience NGU. Attending the campus tours offered at NGU can help you get a feel of the academic and student life on campus. You will also get to meet your future professors and colleagues who will help you get an insider view and answer all your questions.

NGU is hosting a campus tour every Wednesday from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM.

Virtual campus tour:

Now, you can have an overview look on our campus in 360 virtual reality experience anytime and anywhere.  You can also schedule your campus visit via our Campus Virtual Tour.


Newgiza University Merit-based Scholarship Program.

NGU is offering a large number of generous merit scholarships for bright students interested in studying Engineering, Information Technology, and Pharmacy.

Admitted students meeting the scholarship criteria will enjoy tuition waivers varying from 100% to 25% based on their high school grades, English proficiency, interview, and extracurricular activities.


To be eligible for the scholarship scheme offered by NGU:

  • Students must fulfill the requirements of the supreme council of universities for admission.
  • Students should fulfill NGU admission requirements.

Scholarship Retention Policy

To retain the scholarship throughout the study period at NGU, students should be in good academic standing according to the Table below:

Scholarship Amount* 100% 75% 50% 25%
GPA GPA ≥  3.5 3.3 ≤ GPA < 3.5 3.0 ≤ GPA < 3.3 2.7 ≤ GPA < 3.0

*Scholarship amount is defined at gate admission.


The deadline for applying for the scholarship has been extended to 15 September 2021.

How to Apply

  • Complete the online admission steps.
  • Fill NGU online application.
  • By passing the interview, you have automatically qualified as a candidate for this scholarship.


The online application for the early admission will be launched at the end  of January 2021.

Our application fee is 1,500 EGP/100$ per application. Our application fee are paid only once and are non-refundable.

Applicants have the right to choose two majors on the online application. However, the NGU admissions office will work on the applicants’ 1st major mentioned on the applicant’s online application. In case the applicant needs to change the major, he/she must contact the admissions office officially on the following emails (related to the school he/she already applied to)

No, applying early helps to guarantee space for you and does not risk your application being placed on a waiting list as it allows you to finalize all the needed application steps early.

Please go to the ‘How to Apply’ webpage.

Our application fees are non-refundable.

Please refer to the tuition fees section.

Yes, you can. If you need to amend or correct data in your application after submission, you can send an email with your amendments to the Admissions Office on:

listing your full name and NGU ID number in the subject line.

Interviews at NGU are expected to start in March ( subject to change). Further details will be sent to you individually to set an interview date. Make sure you check your email regularly so as not to miss your interview date. Please visit the Interview webpage for further details.

Yes, we are committed to keeping a percentage of spaces for students with international certificates. However, early application can increase your chances of securing a place.

Please visit the entrance requirements webpage for further details.

No, you have to continue 12 years of schooling. The Ministry of Higher Education dictates that universities should not accept students with less than 12 years of schooling even if they have the required percentage and English test scores.

Please read details on your English Proficiency Requirements.

You will need to present the official certification from the Ministry of Youth and Sports along with your required documentation.

Yes, it is possible. However, the transfer requests time, and the major you are applying to and the availability will determine the final decision.

Yes. Please read the ‘How to Apply’ section and ensure you provide the required documentations for your transfer.

No, your final acceptance is pending the final approval of the Supreme Council of Universities – Ministry of Higher Education.

The NGU Health Sciences Curriculum is developed in collaboration with UCL, which facilitates and prepares the students for their continuing education at UCL if they wish. Students are required to apply independently to UCL.

Your degree is issued by NGU. However the Health Sciences and Engineering programs and course specifications are offered based on NGU’s academic collaboration with UCL.

You will only receive the NGU Bachelor degree upon your graduation from NGU.

NGU offers the following undergraduate programs:

    • School of Medicine
    • School of Pharmacy
    • School of Dentistry
    • School of Business & Finance
    • School of Economics and Politics
    • School of Information Technology
    • School of Engineering

To be announced:

    • School of Law  
    • School of Antiquities/Archeology
    • School of Nursing and Health Sciences
    • School of Fine Arts
    • School of Linguistics and Translation

Yes, transportation services are available at NGU and detailed schedules are announced before the semester starts.

Yes, NGU welcomes all visitors in its campus tours. Please check the campus tour webpage for further details.

Please visit the English Language Requirements tab