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Artificial Intelligence and Its Implications on the Economy

Believing in the importance of the 21st century skills as well as in the great benefits of interdisciplinary studies, the SOEP organized a round table on the “Artificial Intelligence and its Implications on the Economy”, on Monday 12th April.  This event which was held by the Dean of The School of Economics & Politics, Prof. Hala Sakr, and the Dean of the School of Information Technology, Prof. Samhaa El Beltagy, reflected a high degree of cooperation between the two schools under the umbrella of NGU.

The session started with an introduction from Prof. Samhaa about the recent changes in the technological field, the different concepts as data mining and artificial intelligence, and their diversified uses. Prof. Hala raised questions around the impact of artificial intelligence on the Egyptian labour market, youth opportunities, and the risks of automation as well as the confidentiality and security threats.  The discussion also reflected the importance of studying and investigating all related legal aspects.   The session witnessed a high degree of interaction among professors as well as students.

This round table discussion opened new avenues of future cooperation between the two schools such as exchanging their elective courses and thus offering their schools a wider pool to study from.