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Newgiza University (NGU) announces the minimum admissions requirements for its schools and its tuition fees

Newgiza University (NGU) announces the minimum admissions requirements for its schools and its tuition fees


Newgiza University (NGU), headed by Prof. Dr. Ahmed Sameh Farid, NGU President, announced the minimum admissions requirements for its eight schools for the academic year 2023/2024: The School of Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Engineering, Business & Finance, Economics & Politics, Information Technology, and Fine Arts.


NGU’s minimum admissions requirements are as follows: the School of Medicine 80%, Dentistry 78%, Pharmacy 72%, Engineering 68%, Information Technology 60%, Business & Finance 53%, Economics & Politics 53%, and Fine Arts 53%.


The medical programs at NGU (Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy) are considered among the strongest medical educational programs worldwide through the academic collaboration with University College London (UCL), which is ranked among the top universities in the world. Moreover, NGU’s campus comprises state-of-the-art clinics and laboratories equipped with the latest tools and technologies to provide an integrated global experience and an early practical training to its students which begins from the first year of study. NGU also puts a strong emphasis on scientific research and scientific publishing through its thriving research center.


Additionally, the School of Pharmacy at NGU offers a unique modern pharmaceutical program, with a focus on clinical pharmacy which represents about 30% of the curriculum and is taught from the first year.


As for the School of Engineering at NGU, it offers an 8-semester engineering program in academic collaboration with University College London (UCL) and includes three majors that are highly demanded in the local and international labor markets, which are Architectural Engineering (AE), Computers, Communications and Autonomous Systems Engineering (CCAS), and Mechanical Engineering (ME). These programs are distinguished by their advanced specializations that keep pace with the modern era and the continuous developments in the engineering field, such as sustainable design, smart buildings, communications, and autonomous systems.


The School of Business & Finance, and the School of Economics & Politics in academic collaboration with King’s College London (KCL), provide a rich and distinctive experience to their students through their world-class programs and the modern educational techniques which include the use of educational activities and the ongoing seminars and sessions given by distinguished guest speakers with strong academic and professional backgrounds.


The Business & Finance program comprises diverse specializations including Accounting, Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Finance & Banking, Human Resource Management, International Business, in addition to Marketing.


As for the School of Information Technology at NGU, it provides a strong curriculum with three different specializations that reflect the continuous and rapid technological advancements globally, which are Artificial Intelligence & Data Science, Computer Science, and Biomedical Informatics. It’s worth mentioning that NGU is one of the few universities offering a track for Artificial Intelligence & Data Science.

The School of Information Technology provides its students with the opportunity to study a semester abroad at the University of Nebraska, Omaha (USA), as well as to study the final year of the program at the University of Ottawa (Canada) then automatically register for a one-year master’s program at the same university.


The School of Information Technology at NGU accepts high school students from both Science and Mathematics branches or their equivalents.


The School of Fine Arts at NGU is the only elite art teaching body in West Cairo providing a world-class program that is taught through innovative and fun methodologies including ongoing field visits and curriculum-based activities. The School of Fine Arts offers three programs: Interior Design, Graphic Design, and Fashion Design.


The educational system at Newgiza University (NGU) employs the latest educational techniques to qualify students for the future labor market through creating an intellectually competent and trained graduate who can easily fit in both the local and international job markets. This is achieved through educational techniques that rely on early practical training as well as holding ongoing seminars, sessions and conferences featuring pioneer local and international field experts in both profession and academia.


Newgiza University (NGU) offers many programs to its students including the semester abroad program, and the internship program whether in the academic field or within renowned local and international companies. NGU also trains its students on the international examinations systems and techniques which greatly opens global opportunities for them.


Newgiza University (NGU) announced its tuition fees for the academic year 2023-2024 for Egyptian students wishing to enroll in its various schools.


The tuition fees for the School of Medicine are 210,000 LE in addition to 1,000 USD, the School of Dentistry 195,000 LE in addition to 1,000 USD, the School of Pharmacy 123,600 LE in addition to 500 USD, and the School of Business & Finance 180,000 LE.


Additionally, the tuition fees for the School of Economics & Politics are 127,950 LE in addition to 750 USD, the School of Information Technology 154,400 LE, the School of Engineering 152,250 LE in addition to 750 USD, and the School of Fine Arts 156,750 LE in addition to 750 USD.


Newgiza University’s application process involves several steps, starting with visiting the website www.ngu.edu.eg and completing the online application form, then paying the application fees (1,500 LE) through a deposit or bank transfer. Afterwards, all the required academic and non-academic documents should be sent along with the English language test score (IELTS or TOEFL). Electronic copies of the documents can be sent through the online form, while all original documents will be requested upon admission.


To complete the application process, the applicant is invited for an interview, after which a statement of provisional admission is sent to the applicant once he meets the entrance and academic requirements of the Ministry of Higher Education and Newgiza University (NGU). The applicant is then instructed on the next steps, the admission deadlines, and the process of tuition fees payment.


It’s worth mentioning that Newgiza University (NGU) works in academic collaboration with two top globally ranked universities; University College London (UCL) and King’s College London (KCL).