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Roche Interview

Empowering fresh graduates and senior Students: NGU School of Pharmacy’s Collaboration with Roche Opened Doors to Internships and Career Opportunities.

Newgiza university School of Pharmacy and Roche have embarked on an extraordinary collaboration that aims to transform the future of fresh graduates and senior students. This groundbreaking partnership centers around providing students with unparalleled access to internships and diverse career prospects. Together, NGU and Roche share a common vision of fostering excellence in the pharmaceutical industry, and this alliance serves as a catalyst for empowering aspiring pharmacists through on-campus interviews.

At the heart of this exceptional collaboration is NGU School of Pharmacy’s commitment to creating impactful opportunities for its students. By hosting on-campus interviews in partnership with Roche, Fresh graduates and senior students are given an exclusive platform to showcase their skills and talents directly to industry professionals. These interviews serve as a gateway for students to explore internships and future job placements. The collaboration between NGU and Roche not only bridges the gap between academia and industry but also provides a unique environment for students to thrive and secure promising career pathways within the pharmaceutical field.