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The School of Economics and Politics Students Visit the Egyptian Parliament

Students of the School of Economics and Politics, Newgiza University, conducted a study visit to the Egyptian Parliament in the framework of the Political System in Egypt course.

The students, during the visit, got acquainted with the parliamentary assemblies for a number of political parties represented by members in the parliament, such as the Republican People’s Party and the Party of Homeland Guard.

A documentary film was also displayed on the evolution of the parliamentary life in Egypt from the nineteenth century till now.

In addition, the students visited the Parliament’s Museum and viewed examples of manuscripts, and parliament presidents since the constitution that was adopted in 1923.

At the end of the visit, the students attended a part of the plenary session to learn how MPs discuss draft laws.

The students also got acquainted with some of the MPs represented in the specific parliamentary committees, such as the Plan and Budget Committee, the Local Administration Committee and the Defense and National Security Committee.