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School of Arts and Design

About the school:

The School of Arts and Design (SOAD) at NGU is concerned with the fields of art and design and believes in the necessity of developing students’ ways of thinking, giving them freedom of artistic expression and the ability to develop imagination and creativity to carry out design tasks that aim to serve man and society, and qualifies the student to build his own project to be a business leader or work in relevant specialized institutions through the use of advanced learning strategies based on experimentation and discovery, providing educational tools, such as drawing spaces, design halls, and specialized computer laboratories equipped with the latest hardware and software that keep pace with operational and technological developments in the market, in addition to learning outside the closed halls through trips and presence in places of inspiration from heritage as well as actual work sites in order to achieve an enjoyable learning experience and ensure the ability to self-learn for life.

Prof. Abeer Hassan Abdo Moustafa
Dean of the School of Arts and Design

Professor of Advertising, Graphic design. Graduated from the Faculty of Applied Arts, H.U. Recommendation to publish the Ph.D. thesis at the expense of the university, exchange with academic bodies. Nomination for the award for the best scientific thesis 2003.

Secretary of the Scientific Promotion Committee of Applied Arts- SCU. Expert, Certified Reviewer and Trainer at NAQAAE and IBCT. Manager of Information and Statistics Unit, H.U. QAC. Member of Education and Learning Committee of HU Strategic Plan. Member and Secretary of Graduate Studies and Research Committee FAA. Project Member of Capacity Building for Administrative Staff in Egyptian H.E. Institutions, UNILEAD EGYPT,2016. Participated in the DIES ” Evolvement of Entrepreneurial Universities in MEMA Region”- DAAD in cooperation with Hochschulrektorenkonferenz. Assigned to submit a study on the status of advertising in Egypt. Approval of His Excellency the Egyptian President, including the establishment of the National Authority for Regulating Road Ads, the amendment of Road Ads Law to Law No. (208) 2020. Consultant of strategies and advertising planning at many governmental institutions. Develop an advertising strategy and policy on Number of Egyptian roads. Referee-Member for more than 150 scientific research in various scientific periodicals. Head of number of National and International scientific sessions. Published 36 researches and supervised 60 Ph.D. and Master thesis.

Preparing the designer, the creative and the experienced artist, who is scientifically and technically qualified in line with the local, regional and international labor market; who is able to adapt his ideas, knowledge and technical skills to serve the community and contribute to its advancement; qualified to create non-traditional solutions with the latest media; capable for entrepreneurship and long life learning by offering distinguished academic, professional and research programs in the fields of interior design, graphic design, fashion design, 3D Digital Visualization, film making, and music sciences In the context of respecting values.

Interior Design Program:
Program of Interior design at NGU is designed to create a balance between innovation and thoughtful design thinking; to equip graduates with problem-solving techniques, study them in detail, explore design environment functional and livable solutions that suit people’s cultural needs and capable for entrepreneurship.

Choosing interior design program can be a life changing decision students make because, interior design is a fascinating career choice today. It is a creative and challenging profession that students will never get bored of. Since a global increase is seen in the population and scarcity of space, designing a space with limited resources is what people are reflecting upon.


Interior Design Program Career Paths:

· Interior Design

· Interior Architecture Design

· Furniture Design

· Scenography


Graphic Design Program:

Graphic Design program at the SOAD caters for society future. It nourishes young people to become relevant, have impact and make a change. All needed skills, knowledge and practical exposure are provided to prepare graduates for the future. Graphic Design program identifies itself with Egyptian heritage and culture as well as contemporary methods and approaches.

The curriculum supports the school’s vision and mission and incorporates traditional as well as digital graphic design fields. Students get to learn all traditional media and processes then learn new digital genres of graphic design. This makes graphic design program special and distinctive. Game design and animation as well as interaction design are studied in addition to advertising and branding. Graphic Design program enhance the capability for entrepreneurship. Graphic Design program has great potential to generate buzz and success depending on its curriculum and academic staff.


Graphic Design Program Career Paths:

· Graphic Design

· Game Design

· Interaction Design

· Advertising

· Animation

· Publication Design

· Experiential Graphic Design

· Branding


Fashion Design Program:

Fashion Design program provides students with multiple professional skills with international standards, in line with the needs of the fashion designer to implement successful creative ideas in the field of fashion industry that preserve his identity.

The program motivates the creative expression in all the key aspects of business and Innovation in fashion design industry and successfully prepares its students to enter the world of fashion through an encouraging academic environment.

The program also broadens the awareness of students beyond fashion design into every aspect of the industry, based on an experimental learning approach to provide students with the tools they need to succeed as a professional in the fashion world, as well as enhancing the capability for Entrepreneurship.


Fashion Design Program Career Paths:

· Fashion Design

· Pattern Making

· Styling

· Visual Merchandising

· Fashion Illustration

· Fashion Production Management

To apply to the School of Arts and Design (Fall 2024/25), fill out our online application form.

For admissions inquiry, please contact 16623, or email enrollment@ngu.edu.eg

Tuition Fees:

The School of Arts and Design tuition fees for the academic year (2023-2024): EGP 156,750 + 750 USD for Egyptian students. For more information, please click here.


The deadline for the academic year 2023/2024 will be announced soon.

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