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Apply Online Now to the School of Engineering

Newgiza University is pleased to open the application for the School of Engineering, the academic year 2021/22. The main principle of the programs offered under the School of Engineering is to provide an integrated approach to the development of professional engineers, where core subjects are not taught separately but are integrated into applied engineering topics, Students are not only challenged to develop their theoretical knowledge but also to apply that knowledge simultaneously while developing professional skills and exploring creativity through a series of semester projects (called “challenges” and “scenarios”).

The coming academic year will mark the launch of two new courses; Architectural Engineering (AE) and Computers, Communications and Autonomous Systems (CCAS). The AE degree will equip students with the ability to develop a creative, critical, experimental, and technically rigorous approach to architectural, environmental, and structural design and engineering in buildings.

The CCAS degree will provide NGU graduates with expertise in the design of both the software and hardware required to build the computer systems of the future. The programme will focus on the electronics, computer networking, artificial intelligence, and control systems that will drive the next generation of cloud computing, the internet of things, communications systems, and autonomous machines.

Both degrees will be awarded by NGU but will be supported by curricula content and expertise from UCL. Read more details about the academic collaboration here.

To apply online please fill our online application.