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Newgiza University & UCL Collaborate to Train Engineering Leaders of the Future

Newgiza University is to launch two new engineering programmes in ‘Architectural Engineering’; and ‘Computers, Communications and Autonomous Systems’. The courses will form the foundation of a new School of Engineering at NGU.

“This is an exciting and historic new chapter in the journey of Newgiza University,” said Prof Sameh Farid, President of NGU.

“Our new School of Engineering will help to train the next generation of engineers, who are fully equipped to work in, and lead, multi-disciplinary teams to tackle future challenges and opportunities that will arise through the next industrial revolution. This also represents an important new phase in our relationship with one of the world’s leading universities in UCL.”

NGU will launch two new courses in autumn 2020: Architectural Engineering (AE) and Computers, Communications and Autonomous Systems (CCAS).
The AE degree will equip students with the ability to develop a creative, critical, experimental and technically rigorous approach to architectural, environmental and structural design and engineering in buildings.

The CCAS degree will provide NGU graduates with expertise in the design of both the software and hardware required to build the computer systems of the future. The programme will focus on the electronics, computer networking, artificial intelligence and control systems that will drive the next generation of cloud computing, internet of things, communications systems and autonomous machines.

Both degrees will be awarded by NGU but will be supported by curricula content and expertise from UCL.

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