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Engineering and IT Orientation Day & Seminar

The School of Engineering and the School of Information Technology would like to welcome the new students to their orientation day on Sunday, September 5. 

NGU is also pleased to hold a seminar for the new Engineering and IT students with the esteemed guest speakers:

  • Eng. Waleed Arafa, Egyptian Architect, Founder & Principal of Dar Arafa Architecture. Eng. Waleed holds a B.Sc. in Architecture, Urban Design and planning, Ain Shams University, Egypt, as well as a post-graduate degree in the Conservation of Historical Buildings, AA School of Architecture in London, UK. He is currently an MA researcher in Islamic Art & Architecture, at the American University in Cairo. Waleed’s first project Dar Arafa Residence earned an Aga Khan Award nomination in 2010. His latest constructed project, Basuna Mosque 2019, has been celebrated as a finalist and winner of many international awards; Archmarathon Stone Award 2019, Construction21 Green Solutions Award 2019, AFAMA 2020, the Middle Eastern Architecture Personality of the year, Tamayouz Award 2019, the Architectural Digest ME 50 Power List. Waleed Arafa has also won the ‘La Maison d’Égypte’ international architectural competition in the International University City in Paris. He is currently working on the first mosque using earth construction techniques in Egypt. He continues to research, design, and build with an aim in mind; understanding the essence of the architecture of Islam, hoping to contribute to a more egalitarian and sustainable global architecture.
  • Dr. Hani Elgebaly, Founder and CEO of AvidBeam Technologies Inc., an AI company specialized in scalable video processing using deep learning, computer vision, and Big Data techniques. AvidBeam developed object detection and classification video analytics applications for enhancing safety, security, and business intelligence. AvidBeam applications span tools for the safety and security of Smart Cities, Enterprise and Transit Systems as well as spotting insights and business intelligence in retail markets. AvidBeam was the winner of best AI startup at CES 2018 in LAS Vegas and was selected among the top 100 African companies to impact the 4th industrial resolution by IFC among other awards. Before founding AvidBeam, Dr. Elgebaly spent 19 years with Intel Corporation mostly in Oregon, USA. During this period, he served as a Senior Director where he led product development and strategic initiatives with Intel, played a key role in the development of new international standards for wireless enterprise and cellular technologies, IP Telephony and videoconferencing, and delivered innovative platform architectures and products with Intel such as Centrino® Pro™ Manageability & Security, Proshare© Videophone, Intel Create & Share© and software components for Microsoft’s Netmeeting conferencing SDK.
  • Eng. Hossam Yahia, Co-founder and CTO of Brightskies Automotive. Eng. Hossam has 17+ years of experience, mostly in automotive systems. He holds his BSc. from Cairo University, Electronics and communications 2003, and his MSc from Nile University, Major: Communications & Information Tech – Minor: SW Engineering, 2014.  Eng. Hossam worked on the Egyptian space project between 2004-2006. He also worked for Valeo between 2006 and 2016. He is the author of many conference publications and an international speaker about functional safety, and he is a Technical Reviewer for safety-critical systems at the American Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE).

Seminar Agenda:

10:30 AM: Registration

11:00 AM: Eng. Waleed Arafa: Interpreting Tradition: In Search of a Future of Architecture

12:00 PM: Dr. Hani Elgebaly: Bigger Data; When AI meets Computer Vision

1:00 PM: Eng. Hossam Yahia: The World of Autonomous Vehicles

2:00 PM: Student life presentation and campus tour