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Important Scholarships Updates

The Schools of Engineering and Information Technology are excited to announce that the first batches of scholarship awardees have been selected and notified of their scholarships.

All students with international certificates can still apply to NGU and win their scholarship seats in our merit-based scholarship programs at the Schools of Engineering, IT, and Pharmacy. The schools will announce the second batches of scholarship awardees in the coming short period.
The deadline for applying for international certificates and diplomas is 29 August 2021. This deadline does NOT apply for the students with the Egyptian Thanawyya A’mma certificates, as their deadline will be announced by the new Electronic Tanseek.


The students with Thanawyya A’mma students, who achieved excellent scores, now have an extraordinary opportunity to join our School of Engineering according to the following scheme:

1. Students with grades of 95% and higher are eligible for 75% scholarships.
2. Students with grades of 90% and higher are eligible for 50% scholarships.

For Thanawyya A’mma students to be eligible for this scholarship program, they should apply to NGU/school of interest through the new Electronic Tanseek.

Learn more about the scholarship program here.