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KBS’s Quality Report Praises The Work of Our School of Business During the COVID-19 Pandemic

NGU is in academic collaboration with King’s College London (ranked 31st worldwide in the QS World University Rankings) to enhance the international dimension of its programs, and to access expertise to support NGU in the development and delivery of high quality, contemporary undergraduate Business degrees.
Through the collaboration, the School of Business and Finance managed to fully develop the undergraduate business degree matching international standards. King’s Business School staff has supported NGU colleagues with the development of infrastructure, educational resources, curriculum, learning methods, faculty and senior staff recruitment, faculty improvements, and educational quality assurance.
Accordingly, the School of Business and Finance receives frequent quality reports from our collaborator to improve the quality of education. We are delighted to receive the below testimonial from our collaborators.
“Review Panel commended the admirable work of the School of Business and Finance both the Dean and his team, who have demonstrated great resilience during the continuing pandemic crisis. It is acknowledged that despite the challenges posed in the last year and being frustrated in some of their efforts, both Dr. Khaled Hegazy the dean of the School of Business and Finance and many of his academic faculty members have nonetheless made impressive strides in their journey.”