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KCL’s Virtual Visit to the School of Economics & Politics

The School of Economics and Politics was honored to host a virtual visit by its academic partners at King’s College London for 2 days (31st of May & 1st of June 2021).

Meetings were held between the school staff and their counterpart at KCL to share experience on online teaching challenges and success throughout last year, assessment methods, and potentials for improvement.

Other meetings were held between the students of year-1, year-2, and KCL professors as part of our students’ experience and life at NGU for exposure and sharing in the decision-making process.

The Second day entailed discussing four research papers presented by the School of Economics and Politics academics and discussed by prominent professors at KCL.

This virtual visit has been really an enriching experience that adds and reflects on the continuous efforts and achievements made by the school and KCL professors.