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Newgiza University (NGU) signs a cooperation protocol with the National Research Center

As part of Newgiza University’s dedication to providing a unique and integrated educational experience for its students, NGU has signed a cooperation protocol with the National Research Center; an initiative that is in line with the university’s interest in science and scientific research and aligned with Egypt’s 2030 plan which entails creating an environment that encourages science, technology, and innovation.

The cooperation protocol was signed by Dr. Ahmed Sameh Farid, NGU President, and Dr. Hussein Darwish, Acting President of the National Research Center, in the presence of Dr. Lamis Ragab, NGU Vice President, Dr. Abeer Hassan Abdo, Dean of the School of Fine Arts, in addition to Dr. Mohamed Mahmoud Hashem, Former President of the National Research Center, and Dr. Khaled Shams, the Scientific Advisor to the President of the center.

The protocol aims to foster the cooperation between Newgiza University (NGU) and the National Research Center in the academic, professional, and training fields in various areas of work. A comprehensive agreement was reached between the two entities defining the scope of cooperation in all scientific and applied fields that are of common interest, including research and joint projects which allow benefiting from both local and international funding, in addition to technology transfer activities between the two institutions on one hand and the industry on the other hand.

This protocol also entails the exchange of students, scientists, and experts between the two entities, the provision of training courses at the different academic levels, and the organization of conferences, workshops, symposiums, and seminars.

Dr. Ahmed Sameh Farid, NGU President, highlighted that the scope of cooperation with the National Research Center includes both the research and scientific fields, utilizing the proficiency and consultancy expertise of both institutions. He also emphasized that Newgiza University looks forward to a fruitful and productive cooperation with the National Research Center.

Dr. Farid explained that NGU always seeks expertise exchange with all scientific and research institutions, to create new opportunities for students and faculty members through facilitating the communication and knowledge exchange at all levels, and working on joint scientific research projects in an attempt to link education with practical training to empower students with the requirements and needs of the labor market.

Dr. Hussein Darwish, Acting President of the National Research Center, explained that the areas of cooperation between the center and Newgiza University include the joint scientific supervision of master’s and doctoral theses, as well as holding training courses at the center for master’s and doctoral students in rare specializations, in addition to using the center’s scientific library and ensuring that books, periodicals, and dissertations are available to all students.